SELECTA is our Native App for iOS and Android VOD (Video On Demand) dedicated exclusively to Classical Music, Opera and Ballet, and its available for all devices: APP for Smart TV, Desktop, Tablet and Smart phones. An in-house team of specialists selects weekly musical events with relevant international value. In this way, we have consolidated an superb repertoire with the best concerts, artists, conductors and the leading venues around the world. All Selecta content are in high-definition and the best sound quality.

Audiovisual media have changed radically for some time. Television, as traditionally conceived, is now a thing of the past. It is no longer necessary to be tied to a programming grid, with a schedule established in advance, in order to enjoy our favorite content: now each movie or series starts when the viewer decides. Each content is also chosen in a timely manner, within an increasingly wide selection, by those who are ready to enjoy it right now. And each title can also be stopped, restarted and played as many times as desired.